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BIDALERT and Brexit

Uncertainty and Brexit go hand in hand and given that much of the UK’s public procurement regulations are laid down in EU directives, then deal or no-deal something is going to change. The good news for our BIDALERT subscribers is we don’t think there will be any change to our notification service, and users will continue to get their alerts for UK tenders.

The Cabinet Office have issued updated guidance on Public-sector procurement after a no-deal Brexit that sets out the plans for a new UK e-notification service to replace the current Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) / Tenders Electronic Daily (TED). This new service is to be ready for exit day.

However, as our BIDALERT focus’ on UK opportunities and buyers will still have to advertise these through the current portals tracked by BIDALERT, we don’t foresee any immediate change resulting from Brexit. We took the decision to remain UK focused last year as we felt it was these opportunities that were of most value to our users.

If you subscribe to other notification services to track opportunities from the EU, then it is likely your provider will have to make changes in order for you to keep accessing these. What is unclear is how UK organisations will be able to participate in tenders outside the UK after Brexit.

BCS will continue to track progress on this as we are clearly in uncertain times, but users can be assured their current BIDALERT service will continue unaffected at present.

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