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Boilerplate or Bespoke?

Having an up to date, accessible bid library is an essential tool for any bid team, but over reliance on those boilerplate responses will not win you many bids.

BIDCOMSERVICES has just helped a client secure a £multi-million opportunity, in a new sector, against major competitors with greater sector experience; so how did we do this?

It started with our client who invested time and resources in understanding their customer’s needs and building a solution to solve their problems. The BIDCOMSERVICES team then helped to convey this through the bid, with a clear focus on ensuring each answer responded to the question and articulated the benefits of our client’s solution.

The feedback from the buyer was clear that our client won because their bid was truly made bespoke for the opportunity, whereas competitors relied on bid library responses and a cut and paste approach.

We can all tell when something is bespoke or generic, so if you’re going to invest the time in bidding, why wouldn’t you improve your chance of success by investing in creating a truly tailored solution?

“Talk to someone about themselves and they’ll listen for hours

Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

If you need help in tailoring your bids then get in touch, oh and we can help you create a bid library as well!

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