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Do you know your Unitary Authorities from your Borough Councils?

At a recent meeting with a local authority head of procurement I learnt a big frustration for them is suppliers emailing about tenders for goods and services they as a local authority don’t procure. For example, school procurement isn’t controlled by borough or district councils. So, here’s BCS’ 5 minute guide to the tiers of local government, and who buys what.

County councils – Responsible for services across the whole of a county, including education (though maybe the schools themselves, if academies for example), transport, libraries and waste management.

District, Borough and City Councils – Cover a smaller area than county councils, and a reduced range of services like rubbish collection and recycling, Council Tax collections, housing and planning applications. 

Parish, Community and Town Councils – Operate under district and borough councils and in some cases, unitary authorities, and deal with more local issues.

Unitary Authorities, London and Metropolitan Boroughs – Single tier of local government providing the full range of all the local services listed above.

In Yorkshire we have 19 local authorities, split between Unitary, County, District and Metropolitan councils as follows:

2 Unitary Authorities – East Riding of Yorkshire Council, City of York Council

9 Metropolitan Boroughs – Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Sheffield City Council, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council, Kirklees Metropolitan Council, Leeds City Council and Wakefield Council.

7 District or Borough Councils – Craven District Council, Hambleton District Council, Richmondshire District Council, Scarborough Borough Council, Harrogate Borough Council, Ryedale District Council and Selby District Council.

1 County Council – North Yorkshire County Council.

If you want further insight into local government procurement, or help with your tenders then please get in touch.

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