Why register for BidAlert?

You get a simple to use, targeted daily alert service.. and it’s free!


Simple tender finding

BidALERT takes the hard work out of setting up your own opportunity notifications through easy to follow categorisation and searching.


Receive automated alerts

You can personalise your alerts and you get your own dashboard so you can see and track your tender opportunities.


Save & Apply

Your MY BIDCOM area lets you save and apply for your favourite tenders, reducing time wasted on administration.

Get BidReady

Get yourself set to tender for a one-off fee of £300.00 ex.VAT


Getting you prepared

We demystify the process of public sector tendering and help suppliers get themselves ready to bid.


Become process savy

Bidding to the public sector is often seen as complex and challenging, but it need not be! With some preparation and organisation suppliers can quickly get the skills and knowledge they need to start bidding and win contracts.


Tools to help you bid

• Online consultation and action plan to start bidding.
• Advice on optimising BIDALERT.
• Free tools to get your business bid ready.

What is a BidMOT?

Expert review and recommendations for £700 ex. VAT.


Improve your win rate

A health check for active bidders who want to increase their success rate.


Expert Support

If you are not happy with your conversion rate or are targeting more contract wins then BIDMOT will provide expert independent feedback on your submissions to help improve that next bid.


Tools to help you improve your bid

• Review of up to 3 recent submissions.
• Recommendations report.
• Online feedback session.
• Free bid tools.
• Advice on optimising BIDALERT.

Achieve that BIDRESULT

Bespoke bid winning service from £1000 ex. VAT.

Life Ring

Help when you need it

Expert bid winning service for all aspects of bidding from completing that first questionnaire to major bid and funding applications management.


Commercially Focused

We provide expertise from a wide range of sectors across all sizes of bids. Our service is based on the philosophy that bid leaders must understand the commercial drivers of a business so they can produce winning bids, which businesses can deliver securely and profitably.


Supporting you throughout the bid

• Expert bid winning service, tailored to your business needs.
• Post bid feedback and recommendations report.
• Free bid tools.
• Advice on optimising BIDALERT.

What is BIDFUND?

A service that identifies potential external funding opportunities for your organisation or client proposals.

Global Search

Fund Finding

BIDFUND provides a free feasibility check on whether any funding might be available for your projects.

Report Document

Fund Report

For just £100 ex. VAT BIDFUND provides a funding report on what funds are available, setting out the criteria, bidding process, likely fund amounts and timescales.


Fund Prepare

BIDFUND can work with you to prepare and complete funding applications and help secure funds, with rates starting from £500 ex. VAT.