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Estimated Value: £80,000
Region: LONDON
Project Dates: 08/05/2019 to 29/05/2019
Interest Window Dates: 08/05/2019 to 29/05/2019

The Authority is the Home Office acting through Border Force. Border Force is a professional law enforcement command within the Home Office. It is responsible for securing the UK border and controlling immigration at ports and airports across the UK and Northern France.
Border Force have the power to detain vehicles where it is identified that the owner/hirer have an outstanding debt to a penalty levied under the Civil Penalty Regime. Once a vehicle has been stopped, if payment is not received within a short time frame, legal paperwork is issued by Border Force and the vehicle is taken into formal detention.
The Supplier must be able to handle vehicle recovery from any UK location, as well as facilitating short term specialist trailer handling (such as cold storage trailers) and transhipment requests. The Supplier must be able to detain vehicles for up to five months. The Supplier must also be able to facilitate transfer to auction sites should the vehicle be sold.
Most of Border Force detentions result from vehicles stopped in Kent, mostly at or in close proximity to Channel ports. As such, Border Force would ideally like the Supplier to be located as close to the Channel ports as possible.
Please refer to the attached statement of requirements, instructions to bidders and price schedule.
Potential suppliers are invited to send an email to Neil Humphries, Home Office Commercial:, confirming their interest in this opportunity and providing details of their company, demonstrating the ability to meet the Statement of Requirement. Emails should be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday 29th May 2019.

Neil Humphries
Peel Building, Marsham Street , LONDON, , SW1P4DF, England

Ended: 29/05/2019 12:00am

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