GB-Leeds: Development and operation of two Café opportunities at the University of Leeds
University Of Leeds

Time Icon Closed Location Icon West Yorkshire

Estimated Value: £5,000,000
Region: West Yorkshire
Project Dates: 04/06/2019 to 19/06/2019
Interest Window Dates: 04/06/2019 to 19/06/2019

The University of Leeds has a lively, thriving retail, high street food and drink themed community. To further develop this community we are looking to extend our facilities through a commercial partnership with a company which is a leader of their concept, shares our values and can offer a competitively priced, high quality, innovative product range through a sustainability led brand.

This exciting concession opportunity is to operate two existing Café's, one located in the Roger Stevens Building and the second in the University's Business School.

Antony Wilkinson
Purchasing Office 1 - 3 Lifton Villas, Leeds, , LS2 9JZ, UK

Ended: 19/06/2019 12:00am

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